wandering uterus project exhibit

An exhibition of over 100 handmade uteri were displayed at the Sullivan Galleries at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago October-December 2012.  Sewn, crocheted, felted, sculpted, drawn, knitted, painted, glass-blown uteri were created by artists/activists from across the country.

List of Artists:

Allison Ancel, Ernesto Atkinson, Avery Blair-Wilson, veronica bohanan, Jackie Bousek, Karen Burkhardt, Sophie Canade, Cui Ying Chan, Yuet Har Chan, Hui Yan Mei Chen, Sandi Deloge, Deb Delsignore, Cassie Lynn Dobbs, Laura Flowers, Katrina Funk, Chantel McAhren, Lesley Hawley, Christine Hendron, Sheri Hillson, Elizabeth Hipwell, Fred Holland, Sharon Horton, Lucy Jahns, Emily Kissner, Jill Kuanfung, Ling Chun Bianca Lee, Lai Fong Lee, Leigh Ann Lichty, Angela Lyonsmith, Ashley Melendez, Dali McGuire, Erika Molina, Jeannette Perkal, Janjitt Pettis, Andrea Popp, Rubenora Raman, Melissa Raman Molitor, Katie Rice, Kelly Riddle, Emerald Smith, Beth Tabor, Savneet Talwar, Randy Vick, Andrea Velasco, Anjalee Verma, Molly Whedbee

Thank you to all who participated in the Wandering Uterus Project exhibition! photo 2

photo 4

photo 1

photo 5